Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Looking for a unique adventure during your visit to Pacific City? Experience the vast wonderment of the Pacific Ocean while riding on horseback. Take a relaxing trot along our picturesque Pacific Coastline and experience it’s breathtaking beauty much as the early Oregon settlers once did.

Green Acres Beach & Trails has got your covered. They offer multiple horseback rides; from their one hour beach ride to their two hour park tour. Each ride includes a quick tutorial and takes you from the beachfront in Pacific City to Bob Straub State Park and the Sand Dunes.

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Golfing Neskowin


Designed by Ercel Kay and opened in 1932, the Neskowin golf course is one of the oldest on the Oregon coast. Its historic value and unique setting are assets unto themselves. In the early years, the popularity of golf at the beach promoted Neskowin as a favorite destination. As in the past, a round of golf is still one of the first activities for many locals and visitors upon arriving. Close to Portland and Salem, yet a thousand miles away in temperament, the village and the Neskowin golf course have provided over 80 years of memories for countless families.

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Surfing Pacific City


If once in a lifetime waves are what your searching for then Pacific City area has you covered. Whether you’re a casual surfer or a pipeline pro Haystack Rock will provide you with some of the most unique and exciting curls along the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific City is the mecca of surfers on the Oregon Coast. Wind speed, duration and fetch length are so pure here they must be providence.  Pacific City’s completely natural formations not only make for the best waves but also the best views along the Oregon Coast.

To help you get started, head over to Moment Surf Shop where they have everything you need for your surfing adventure.

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Dory Boat Cape Kiwanda

Dory Boats

Looking for a totally unique fishing experience? The Pacific City Dory is unrivaled. This open hulled and flat bottomed boat doesn’t depart from a launch or marina. Instead it is pushed or rowed directly into the Pacific surf until it’s deep enough do drop the outboard motor and then powered through the surf into the open ocean. In fact, many Dorymen still row through the surf just as their fathers and grandfathers did before them.

When ocean conditions allow, Pacific City dories fish the waters off of Cape Kiwanda. Get a unique fishing experience and catch some local Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod, various types of rock fish, and get a little crabbing in while your out.

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If you are looking for adventure and fun look no further than kayaking on the Nestucca River. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife all around as you make your way gently down the river. The calm waters of the Nestucca River makes kayaking a perfect activity for all skill levels. Perhaps you’d like to try something a little different. The Nestucca River is also perfect for Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding where you stand on board and use a paddle to propel yourself through the water.

Nestucca Adventures offers various sizes and types of Kayaks and Paddle Boards for you to do just that. They are an authorized Hobie Dealer that is locally owned and operated.

Little Nestucca Boat Launch

Get to Paddling


When it comes to getting a taste of what the Pacific Ocean has to offer nothing says it much better than pulling up a pot full of local Dungeness crabs. These crabs, which get their name from the port of Dungeness, Washington, are prized for their sweet and tender flesh.

Pulling up a fresh pot can be hard work but most assuredly it will be the best tasting work you will put in that day! You can even crab from the mouth of the river.

Crabbing is a perfect activity for the entire family and is best done during the fall and winter months (October, November, and December).

Little Nestucca Boat Launch

Grab a Pot


Make your dreams of flight a reality as you take to the sky while paragliding above the sand dunes of Cape Kiwanda. Enjoy unparalleled views of Cape Kiwanda and the surrounding area as you experience the adrenaline rush of gliding on the winds of the Oregon coast.

The relativily calm and consistent winds of Cape Kiwanda make this the perfect place for beginners and experts alike. For more information check out the Cascade Paragliding Club website where you’ll learn more information about Cape Kiwanda and the different types of paragliding.

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Sandlake ATV

Sand Lake ATV

One of the most unique experiences on the Oregon coast is riding an ATV on the sprawling sand dunes of Sand Lake. Experience first hand the fun and excitement for the whole family as you explore over one thousand acres of sand.

Sandlake Tsunami ATV Rental is the place to go to start your ATV adventure. They offer quad and jeep rentals and will get you setup with all the necessary equipment and training.

Take to the Sand